Kaymet, Made in London, since 1947.


Kaymet factory under construction, 1950's.
Kaymet factory under construction, 1950's.

History of Kaymet

During World War II, Sydney Schreiber had a small company, making metal boxes for radars and other metalwork. After the war, 1947, the company changed its name to Kaymet and started to manufacture anodized aluminum trays and trolleys. During 1951 Kaymet took part in the Festival of Britain, and their trays and trolleys were a big success. In the years that followed Kaymet kept growing and people in Britain got used to their trays for afternoon tea.

Ken Schreiber, a son of Sydney Schreiber, has been working at Kaymet since he left school in the1960's. Ken still remembers a time when he made tray deliveries to the tradesman's entrance at Buckingham Palace. The Schreiber family has looked after the Kaymet business over 67 years. Mark Brearley in his spare time, as a hobby, has been seeking out businesses that still manufacture in London. During 2013 the 50th birthday of Mark's wife, Ivana, was approaching and he decided to buy her few items that were made in their home city. He visited Kaymet, not so far from where he lives, and ended up to buying the whole company together with his brother, John. Since the Brearley brothers joined in, the company is flourishing in new ways, a happy collaboration with Ken Schreiber, who after 50 years at the business, still continues as the general manager.

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In the late 1940s, when Kaymet was founded, its trays and trolleys were regarded as highly innovative, as they were made from lightweight aluminum, the material for airplanes. It was during the 50s that the first commercial jet plane, D.H Comet, started to operate from London to Johannesburg. You can easily associate Kaymet trays with wanderlust and the early days of air travel, when air journeying became more and more common. It is no surprise that Rimowa launched their first aluminum luggage with grooves in 1950. In the current decade, we are using aluminum more than ever. As this moment's most iconic brand, Apple, has embraced the advantage of aluminum across their whole product range.

Over the years, trends and fashion have changed, but Kaymet has been loyal to their design and manufacturing. Their sleek, and classic design appeals to all who are after minimalism and functionality.

Beautiful, high quality products, hand crafted in London, England.

You can read more about Kaymet, and other companies who are still making hand crafted products in United Kingdom, from this Real Craft article. Kaymet by Real Craft

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