Ulrik Nordentoft (left) and Sebastian Holmbäck
Ulrik Nordentoft (left) and Sebastian Holmbäck

Sebastian Holmbäck and Ulrik Nordentoft first met at Danish Design School in Copenhagen, where they both were educated. After spending ten years as independent design professionals, they decided establish HolmbäckNordentoft design studio in 2008. The studio took off and now their field of work variates from lighting design to furniture and interior design. Primary focus is still staying in product design. Stelton Pure Black knife series is one of the HolmbäckNordentoft successful product design example.

Initiave regarding Stelton Pure Black knife series, was to find out, how you can make something different from most basic tools. Improve a well proven concept. Outcome was the classic and a winner in prestige Red Dot in 2011: Best of the Best for the Highest Design Quality.

More information visit their homepage. HolmbackNordentoft

Photo by HolmbäckNordentoft.

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