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Chocolatexture by nendo
Chocolatexture by nendo

Maison&Object Paris awarded Oki Sato, a head of the Tokyo and Milan-based design studio nendo, as a “Designer of the Year Maison et Objet 2015”. Maison&Object 2015 Paris is just about to open, Jan. 23 -27. 2015. During the trade show you have a change visit and experience (enjoy) the multi-sensorial chocolatexture lounge by nendo.

Maison&Object Paris nomination: nendo M&O PARIS designer of the year, January 2015

Each chocolate is directly named after Japanese expressions used to describe texture.
1. “tubu-tubu” Chunks of smaller chocolate drops.
2. “sube-sube” Smooth edges and corners.
3. “zara-zara” Granular like a file.
4. “toge-toge” Sharp pointed tips.
5. “goro-goro” Fourteen connected small cubes.
6. “fuwa-fuwa” Soft and airy with many tiny holes.
7. “poki-poki” A cube frame made of chocolate sticks.
8. “suka-suka” A hollow cube with thin walls.
9. “zaku-zaku” Alternately placed thin chocolate rods forming a cube.

photos by Akihito Yoshida.

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